Fly Over the Hokkaido Mysterious Heart-shape lake

by 情小姐

Hokkaido Locals said this is a mysterious lake.

Neither river nor sea connected to the lake. The water level remain the same in day and night time. Only when it rains, heart becomes bigger. Famous Hokkaido sweets brand Shiroi Koibito have been to this lake several times for CM shooting. The CM quickly attracts attention among Japan but not many audiences realized the lake is real and located in Hokkaido. The lake is in a town called Erimo which is a fishing town and not famous for tourist at all. Last year locals work with Hokkaido JTB launched 6 minutes helicopter tour on site. The first guest of the tour was a elderly couple. It was the husband’s gift to her lovely wife. They were touched by the scenic.


Tour Enquries – Please Inbox Ding’s Hokkaido Journal

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Hong Kong Top Travel Magazine ” Weedend Weekly” Featured the lake  several times :


Japanese Flyer :



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